Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Menu

Yesterday was gray and cooler and it made me start thinking about campfires and blankets...
Today was perfect weather for reading by the pool.
Tomorrow starts a new adventure.

bacon, eggs, avocado, tomatoes
coffee, cream

Kids' Lunch Choices:
ham, cheese, pickles, & mustard sandwiches on gluten free bread
salami and cheese
cashew butter & jam on toasted gf waffles (on sale)
veggies straws
greek yogurt
wheat-free mini oatmeal muffins

Sunday - maple bacon pork tenderloin, roasted brussels sprouts
Monday - salmon, roasted broccoli, rice optional
Wednesday - slow cooker hamburger potato soup (different every time....)
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - primal pizza

The most complicated thing to make this week is the pork tenderloin so that's why I'm making that on Sunday. I also need to pre-cook the sweet potatoes sometime because if I wait until Tuesday evening, it won't happen.

That's all I know for now. Have a good week!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Food I Want to Make and Books I Want to Read

Best Ever Bars

Low Carb Zucchini Bread

Hm. Just realized those are dessert-ish. Sorry.

Pineapple + Chimichurri + Guacamole? With plantain chips. I'd give that a shot.

Books on my short reading list:

All the Light We Cannot See
You'll Grow Out of It
Falling Free
(affiliate links)

Not sure if I'll get to them soon as I really don't have time for them right now, need to be reading textbooks.

Oh, and some other random stuff-

Someone please tell me why 1st graders cannot go from 8:00am to 11:13am without a snack????? Our children do not need to eat every 2 hours!!!!

Rant over.

I love this mayonnaise. I buy it at Sprouts.

Interesting: The Failure of Moderation
Kind of goes back to Gretchen Rubin's categories: Are you an Abstainer or Moderator?

No such thing as work-life balance. A reminder to myself to stop striving for balance, and focus on what is important.

Love this on Raising Boys to be Men.

Have a great Friday!

2 Tools to Help a Horrible Housecleaner

Food/Cooking/Eating, it all has to be cleaned up right? So, I can write about cleaning here...

I have this theory that kids are natural hoarders. I hated throwing stuff away when I was young. My children are the same way, and most parents I've talked to seem to agree. We do our best to make our children purge their room once in awhile. It usually requires help from us though. And some ranting.

Anyways. All that to say that I have come a long way. Now I hate clutter. I'm good at keeping the house neat (not counting the kid's areas). I've realized that the less stuff I have to contend with, the easier it is. I love bare countertops and empty drawers. But I'm not a compulsive "cleaner" as far as wiping off surfaces, etc. I'd rather cook or do something creative. And our family lives hard. We play in the dirt. So our house gets dusty and dirty fast, even if it looks clean from a distance. It gets quite grimy.

Here are two things I have come to really appreciate. It popped into my mind to share these because I went kind of crazy last weekend and deep cleaned the house from top to bottom. My husband wishes that would happen more often.

Steam Mop and Vac
(affiliate link)
This device actually gets our wood floors "barefoot clean"!

(not an affiliate link)
These mats are the best. Yes, they are bathmats. But we have one in our entry, one for the shower, and one by the back door. Because they are so absorbent, feel so good on the feet, and are easy to shake out and wash. And they come in many colors - we have 3 different ones!

Even high end designers agree ;)

I am probably the last person you should take housecleaning advice from. But I love these items and wanted to share!

One more thing, I picked up some 99¢ alarm clocks at IKEA, too, to help my kiddos become more responsible in the morning. We will see how long they last. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I survived! And the menu :)

The last 7 weeks have been exhausting. Just a fact. Adjusting to a new schedule is hard. Especially when you liked the old one. The stress showed up in my complexion like never before, yuck! But, to look on the bright side, I'm halfway through my "fall" semester! So, needless to say, I'm ready for cooler weather because we didn't really do many summery things these past few weeks. The kids are back in school now. I have a little breather currently, this week between assignments. To study my brains out. Wait, that would be bad. Another thing on the plus side is that I got to work with super cool people and learn a lot. I'm so thankful for that. Here's hoping that continues next week. It will be an adjustment again when I start another 7 weeks - new places, new faces. Life just doesn't seem to settle down. In addition to all the, so much is going on in lives of those around me now, too...

Right now, my goals are sleep, workout, eat, study and do homework, catch up on several appointments/phone calls/etc, spend time with the family. So basic. Sometimes boring sounds great :) I know it is going to fly by.

I'm back to packing lunches for the kids. The are eating breakfast at school (not paleo, not even gluten-free), so I'm determined to give them a healthy lunch. I used the ziplock containers forever (not even sure if they still make them), but I wanted something with 4 compartments so I bought them each a lunch cube  (affiliate link) and so far they like them.

School lunches this week:
turkey or ham
babybel or colby jack cheese
carrots or nectarines
gf pretzels
cashew butter and strawberry jam for dipping

So I really just bought a bunch of stuff and don't have a plan for it. Grass-fed beef was like the best price ever at Sprouts for under $4/lb. So I bought that. And some ground pork. Frozen broccoli and brussels sprouts at Aldi. Tots, ha. Rice, in case of an emergency called no food, no money. We'll probably have tacos at some point.

As for breakfasts, my husband and I get eggs or whatever is leftover in the fridge, hot sauce, and coffee with cream. Last weekend, my daughter asked if she could make better than oatmeal. I'm teaching her to use the stove with supervision. She used pecans since that's what we had, and put some frozen wild blueberries (from Costco) on top.

That's all for now. I might write more this week about whatever I feel like. Hope you have a good Tuesday!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly Menu

Hi! It's a modified menu this week. There's not much time for cooking, so the slow cooker will get utilized and make food for multiple meals.

eggs and spinach with smoked chipotle tobasco
banana bread coffee cake
coffee and cream

leftovers and snacks: celery, peanut butter, popcorn, peaches

burgers with provolone, roasted asparagus
pulled pork, roasted sweet potatoes, salad x2
seasoned shredded chicken, mango pico de gallo, cilantro-cabbage slaw, corn tortillas x2

Good food, lots to do. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Have a good week!

eat some kale or something

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Menu

Oh man, last week was rough, but we made it ;) One of those weeks, ya know?
Yesterday a was a crazy amount of errands kind of day and when I was finally home, I didn't want to do anything. I had managed to make a menu before I shopped which definitely helped me whip in and out of 3 stores while my kids were at a birthday party, so there's that. Exciting mom moments.
I can't believe it's time to get ready to start the week again... where does the time go...

Here's what's to eat this week.

eggs, greens
yogurt, granola
breakfast bread, strawberries
coffee, cream

I made a double recipe of the pork from Sunday.

Sunday - maple-bacon pork tenderloin (from JB's paleo cookbook - affiliate link), roasted asparagus
(didn't have it last week because I made carnitas instead)
Monday - roasted chicken thighs, salad, dressing
Tuesday - brats, roasted sweet potatoes
Wednesday - burgers, salad, dressing
Thursday - homemade thin crust primal pizza
Friday - tbd

My water bottle broke (for the second time), so I bought myself something different instead: a knock-off Yeti from Walmart. (I made a special trip just for this. Because I'd heard amazing things. It was under $8! Normally I avoid WM at all cost.) It is not spill proof, but I'm liking it so far.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekly Menu

Hey hey! I've been way too productive for a Saturday before noon... now it's time for some fun stuff hopefully...  But first, the food plan.

I decided to mix it up this week and instead of the usual Sprouts and Aldi trip, I went to Trader Joe's and Price Chopper. I only go to Trader Joe's every few months so I try to take advantage of it and get some unique convenience foods that I don't typically buy elsewhere. The weeks have been weird lately - I'm buying more convenience food but less food overall since my school schedule is intense and the kids are spending time with the grandparents to help me get through it (yay for grandparents! and husbands!) Soooooo, disclaimer: this food and menu includes a lot of NON paleo. This week is more gluten-free (with a major exception of the standard cake mix which I'm using to make cookies for a BBQ). Even some of the TJ's things are not certified gluten-free (aka "may contain traces of wheat"), so buyer beware especially if you have celiac. But people like to see picture of grocery hauls so I'm posting anyway. OK.

This totaled $115.

quick phone photo, gotta get that cold stuff away!

It's been a long time since I've bought frozen bagged chicken, but this recommendation convinced me to try the Trader Joe's tenderloins. I used them at lunch today and they were good.
I need to pick up some more salad greens at some point. Trip to Costco soon.

eggs, salsa verde, corn tortillas
bananas, peanut butter or almond butter
yogurt, granola
coffee, cream

adults - chili lime chicken burgers w/ sour cream or chicken w/ salad greens and spicy mango dressing
kids - chicken fried rice (add more chicken) or mini chicken tacos w/ sour cream
blueberries, peaches

dried mango "just mango"
nut bars

Sunday - leftovers
Monday - korean beef with cabbage (seriously addicted to this right now, I use 1/4 cup brown sugar)
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - maple-bacon pork tenderloin (from JB's paleo cookbook - affiliate link), roasted kale
Thursday - bunless burgers, beans, salad etc.
Friday - whatever is left!

Time to go get some sun! Or maybe sleep. Have a good weekend!
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