Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Menu

Serious spring fever here. I want to do everything BUT my responsibilities today.
I haven't grocery shopped yet.
Better keep this quick and get to work.

So after I mentioned here how my kids were doing well with their easy breakfasts, I get the request for more breakfast choices because they are "tired of it being plain".
Are you kidding me?
We are so spoiled.
Probably not gonna change much, kids!
I make you fun things on the weekends. Example: Today I made them waffles with TJ's gluten-free mix today with strawberries on top.
They can deal with limited choices:
yogurt with honey
banana with almond butter and coconut
adults - coffee with cream or protein coffee, eggs and leftovers

kids request - ham & cheese on gluten-free bread, cashews/raisins, apples
adults - whatever lunchmeat I buy at Costco, avocados (39¢ at Aldi), bell peppers, or chicken and veggie salad (I loved it and omitted the carrots. I even went to Whole Foods just for some primal kitchen foods mayo. It was kind of on sale, actually, $2 off. It is really good.)

After school snack:
coconut milk blueberry smoothies

Sunday - salmon, kale salad, rice optional
Monday - BBQ chicken kabobs, mango lime cilantro slaw (basically combine this with cabbage and  some olive oil)
Tuesday - meatballs, marinara, zoodles
Wednesday - 2 ingredient roast beef, sweet potatoes
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - burgers (I wanna try these! bunless) or something else on the grill

Have a good week!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cheap and Good: Protein Coffee

I don't like the word cheap. I don't want to eat cheap food, I associate that with low quality. I don't think this recipe is cheap in that sense. So let's use budget-minded. For those that want to be budget-minded in the world of protein powders, I feel like it is is a good choice.

First know, I have never been a big supplement person. I want to eat real food and get what I need from that. Idealist much? But I started looking into protein powders when I realized I should probably eat more protein. I want to be able to recover from my workouts and get stronger. Combine that with the fact that life is not always optimal -- I live in the real world and unfortunately that means I don't always get to cook a meal and sit down to eat whenever I should. Also, my husband was looking for a way to help him get through the day when his meal times are unpredictable but he can't afford to be low energy.

(Total sidenotes. I'm no expert, but here's how I see it. There's no such thing as toning. If you want to see muscles, you have to build them. With work. What is used to build muscle? Protein, during your recovery. Bonus: the muscle you build increases your metabolism to burn excess fat so you can actually see those muscles!)

OK, back to the topic. There are some bars that I like, but they are too expensive for us to have on a regular basis, and in many, the carbs are higher than I'd like. I know there is good stuff sold at my gym, too, but it's kind of expensive for me.

So, enter personal research focused on quality and price per serving.
My husband found Naked Whey on Amazon. We read the reviews and the details.
We decided to give it a shot...

100% premium grass-fed whey protein with nothing to hide

Thumbs up!

This is how we do-

cold coffee
2 scoops Naked Whey
1 small splash real cream
1 small splash maple syrup or honey
ice, optional

Shake, shake, shake... shake, shake, shake.... shake your coffee.
(I recommend a blender bottle for on the go.)

I have this a few times a week post early morning workout.

It's about time for us to order another container!

I got a little link-happy. Those amazon links are affiliate links. Thanks.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Menu

live from taco night, messy cutting board and all

I'm going to enjoy sitting outside while I can! Before the mosquitoes arrive.

I feel like I'm operating in survival mode and the week hasn't really even started yet. Sheesh! I'm counting down until school is out for me for a little bit.

I haven't been to Trader Joe's in a long time, but I think I might go this week. Since things are more hectic than normal I'm going to give myself some slack and might rely on a  few more convenience foods than normal without choosing things I might regret. TJ's tends to be helpful with that. These no cook paleo meal photos are inspiring, check them out. Especially for spring and summer and eating on run between practices and games and everything else that goes on. Can anyone else relate? Throw it in the cooler and go. I feel like my family might need to eat more fat and protein to keep from being hangry, but I still get some ideas nonetheless. (I'm totally not brave enough to try sardines though!)

I'm loving that my children can fix their own breakfasts now... and that they are OK with simple.

  • full fat yogurt with honey for one
  • banana with almond butter for the other

Since they aren't burnt out on eggs, when I do actually fix them, they eat them.

I also made breakfast bread this weekend. (which they love, if I under bake it)

Last week I relied quite a bit on my protein mix with coffee to tide me over until I could eat for real. I'm a little skeptical of stuff like that. And it is so expensive. But I have an option that I actually really like so I need to share it. However, since I don't want to get sick of it, I'm going to try to take a break from it this week.  I really do like having it to use on those days where I workout early and then it is  go-go-go!!!

New recipe to make this week:
primal palate's veggie heavy chicken salad (buying the ingredients tomorrow)
Some people might want to be fancy and eat it in a lettuce wrap, but honestly I will probably just eat it with a fork.

Kids lunches:
deli roll-ups (turkey, salami, bell pepper, mustard) and plantain chips
or chicken fried rice
carrots and hummus

After school snack:
orange julius smoothies (freeze any extra in these!)

Dinners (easy ones this week):
Sunday - beef hot dogs and sweet potato chips
Monday - mini chicken tacos
Tuesday - primal pizza with italian sausage
Wednesday - salmon and roasted brussels sprouts (white rice optional)
Thursday - chile lime chicken burgers (from TJ's), avocado, roasted kale
Friday - burgers, salad, oven potatoes
Saturday - quesadillas (corn tortillas) and roasted red pepper and tomato soup

OK, that's all, have a good week!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Menu

Hi! I hope you are having a good weekend. It has been restful around here. I held my coffee cup with both hands.

I took the kids shopping with me yesterday and we survived. A friend and I had the conversation once of never judge a parent by what they say to their kids in the parking lot. Its true, even on a good day. We did the usual Sprouts (super sales!) and Aldi run and spent $100. Gotta get to Costco sometime soon.

Have you seen my post from last year on how to paleo grocery shop and menu plan on a budget?

kids - yogurt (Aldi has organic whole milk plain yogurt now) with honey, banana and peanut butter
(yes, I buy peanut butter if I don't get to Costco for almond butter)
adults - eggs, coffee, cream

(I let the kids pick this week.)
peanut butter and strawberry jam on gluten-free bread, carrots or cashews & raisins, apples
adults - leftovers

Sunday - tacos (including mango salsa, didn't have last week, but using chicken this time)
Monday - leftovers
Tuesday - zoodles with meatballs & marinara
Wednesday - maple-bacon pork tenderloin from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook (affiliate link, this recipe is a family favorite), roasted brussels sprouts
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - dinner with friends, tbd

I had the thought the other day of how little I blog anymore... what if I started writing more again? Everyday? Not going to happen while I'm in school, but later? Hmmm...

Have a great week!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Groceries + the Menu

On Fridays I come home and dump all my stuff from the day on the table. Then I have to put it away. Then I eat hard boiled eggs, dill pickle chips, and kombucha for dinner because I can't even think anymore. Then I commiserate with my fellow students about how craptastic we feel about the exam we just took. And that's how my weekend starts.

Why is it always 3:33?? Oh, because I need to fix the clock.

Moving on.

Last week I made Elana's nut-free carrot cake last week with my own cream cheese frosting. And I used raisins and pecans (guess it's not nut-free!) in the cake. It was good. I wasn't in a sweets mood though which was convenient.

This week-
Breakfasts and lunches are the same as last week. I loved how quick it was to pack lunches for the kids last week.

Monday - leftover chili
Tuesday - deconstructed gyro salad
Wednesday - 2 ingredient roast beef into gf wraps w/ tomatoes and sour cream, roasted asparagus
Thursday - carnitas with mango pico de gallo
Friday - BBQ beef, oven potatoes

I did the grocery shopping at Sprouts and Aldi. (I know it is not 100% paleo.) I was aiming to spend just $100 because I had spent $50 earlier in weekend and this time of year is so expensive with signing up for summer activities so I'm trying to save where I can. I spent $103. And I forgot bananas and chili powder. And FYI, the kombucha was on sale for $1.99 which is why I bought 4, I would not drink all those in 1 week! It is our fun drink, my Friday night reward a couple times a month.

Time to study, study, study, work, work, work. Have a good week!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Menu

Someone I liked very much died this Good Friday. He was the custodian at my work, he was everyone's friend, and always had a smile and a 'hey girl' for me. I talked to him like normal 2 weeks ago, not knowing it would be the last time. I'm going to miss him.
Death has been real lately, for others that I know, too.
Easter is needed. An empty tomb is the best news.

This was kind of an unconventional holiday for us with our odd schedules, but then again most holidays are. Yay for the grandparents who always come through with the fun things like Easter clothes and Easter basket goodies, things I tend to overlook but my kids just love.

Today I went to Sprouts. The bonus of going after the weekend is they have meat marked down: I got ground lamb for $2.99/lb (normally $6.99).

I love having a day off today to hopefully soak up some sunshine and get some homework done, too.

Easter brunch:
spinach and feta chicken sausages
cheesy potato casserole
roasted asparagus
easy no-bake cream cheese pie w/ gluten free (chex cereal) crust*

The rest of the week...

eggs, spinach
coffee, cream

Kids' Lunches and Snacks:
salami & gf pretzels or crackers
yogurt w/ honey
apple or banana w/ peanut butter
cashews & banana chips
carrots w/ hummus

Monday - throw together salad (greens, seasoned lamb, pepperoncini, olives, parmesan, homemade dressing)
Tuesday - BBQ pulled pork (smoked pork butt), deviled eggs, pickles, potatoes
Wednesday - asian style oven baked salmon w/ roasted asparagus, leftover potatoes
Thursday - balsamic glazed chicken drumsticks and thighs, roasted brussels sprouts
Friday - chocolate chili and pumpkin muffins

*I didn't realize I was out of lemon juice, so I didn't make any paleo lemon poppyseed muffins as planned. And I had to use lime juice for the cheesecake, but it turned out fine. I put it in the freezer, so it was more like key lime icebox pie.

Last week, I ate well and felt good. The end of the week was rough with looooong days and short nights, but the weekend was recovery, thank goodness.

Also, gym notes: 16.5 was my favorite :) I'm not a well-rounded athlete, so the Crossfit Open puts me in my place, but I'm happy that I'm better than I was a year ago.

Hope you have a good start to your week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weekly Menu

Multitasking! Listening to lectures, putting groceries away...

$121, total: Aldi on the upper, Sprouts on the lower

The menu. Getting back on track after the weekend, where 1 indulgent meal turned into 4... hmmm....

eggs, leftovers
(for example, today it was eggs, leftover taco meat, and sautéed spinach)
coffee, cream

Lunch choices:
keeping it simple and easy-to-throw-in-lunch-boxes for a busy week (we try to keep the kids lunches gluten-free, but not necessarily paleo)-
nitrate-free ham, turkey, chicken sausage, cheese, gf crackers or pretzels, carrots, hummus, apples, peanut butter, blackberries, banana chips, cashews

Monday - tacos/taco salad (beef w/ chili powder seasoning from Sprouts, corn tortillas, cabbage & cilantro slaw, lime juice, salt, avocado, red onion)
Tuesday - sausage & sweet potato hash w/ double turkey (didn't have it Sunday), roasted asparagus
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - chicken tortilla soup
Friday - zoodles w/ beef & sauce
Saturday - burgers, brussels sprouts, tater tots
Easter! Carrot cake? Maybe, but I'm probably too lazy.

Have a great week!
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