Sunday, March 4, 2012

Groceries: Shopping Paleo at Aldi, Price Chopper, and Costco

Aldi: $61

If you like avocados, they are the best price ever - 19 cents apiece!  I got 15 and may go back for more. Other produce specials: roma tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, and grapes.  Some seafood specials, too: wild caught salmon and shrimp.

Yet again, I missed our grass-fed beef pick-up due to traveling.  I wish I knew someone else who ordered so they could pick it up for me!  Ugh.

One success: we were under-budget for food in February!  The short month helped :)

Price Chopper: $35
meat sale... got some things for this week and beyond
giant turkey breast
bag o' chicken breast tenders
pork loin chops
rump roast
red wine vinegar

Confession: The kids and I totally slummed it for supper last night and drove through McD's for supper on the way home from work before heading to Price Chopper... McDoubles, parfaits, and apple pies.  Usually we only do that sort of thing on a road trip.  I was kind of proud of my boy - he didn't want to eat any of it, except for a little yogurt!  Us girls unfortunately made up for it, though.

Costco: $65
Restocked on some staples like Kerrygold butter and raw almonds.
Also got sweet potatoes (this Costco didn't have the squash I like!), organic salad greens, Medjool dates, Tillamook cheddar, almond butter, bananas, and some (non-paleo and unhealthy) dark chocolate/blueberry/acai berry things for my husband.  Used the dates and almond butter for making some fudge babies tonight! :)

OK, now that the kitchen is cleaned up it's time to pull everything out again to make lunches for tomorrow!  :)  Have a good night!

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