Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekly Menu - Christmas edition

This week I don't have to pack lunches - yay! But it will still be a busy week with work and we will have family visiting for a few days so I gotta have a plan. I'm not making a fancy Christmas dinner or anything, but some of this food is still a little more rich and holiday-ish than usual. (Don't yell at me, I'm not going off the deep end.) We will still try to keep it relatively low on refined sugar and 100% gluten free. And not too complex, because I don't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen when we have company. For this menu, I spent just under $140 (total) on food at Costco, Hen House, Aldi, and Price Chopper, staying within my budget (silent cheer). That's good because other aspects of the budget might be blown.

eggs or breakfast casserole
pumpkin muffins w/ cranberries

grilled chicken salad
paleo taco salad
grain-free pizza from Primal Cravings (affiliate link)
buffalo chicken dip w/ celery
fruit (clementines, pineapple, grapefruit, bananas)

sausage & sweet potato hash, salad w/ dressing
2 ingredient turkey meatloaf*, green veggies
roasted chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, salad
baked spaghetti (w/ GF pasta), green beans
chili dip w/ organic corn tortilla chips

might try to make a few things from Primal Cravings for our company-
use the pie crust and make a cranberry tart?
or attempt something with pecans… spiced nuts :)

*So my WT/Aldi version of this turkey meatloaf is actually 3 ingredients.  I use sun dried tomato pesto and regular old pepperoni (chop it), both found at our Aldi right now. Plus ground turkey, of course. In the past I've used salami from Costco instead of pepperoni and it is good, too, slightly less spicy, and maybe a little less sketchy on the quality.

My children would probably like it if I cut apples this way.

Now I'm off to wrap presents and try to do about a million other things. Good luck to me and you, I bet we both need it! :) Have a  good day!

(sharing here!… those cookies look yummy!)


  1. I need to get Primal Cravings. Everything sounds great!

  2. Wow, I'm going to have to make that 2-ingredient meatloaf for sure. Thanks for sharing!


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