Sunday, January 5, 2014

Groceries + Weekly Menu

Happy 2014!!

It has been awhile since I've posted a weekly grocery shopping photo, so here ya go :)

I planned to go to Aldi and Costco yesterday, but I ended up getting everything at Aldi. Oh, and a few things (cucumbers, some eggs, and bacon) at Price Chopper.

I spent $94.

I know that nothing here is local/pastured/grassfed/organic except for the red apples at the back. (Aldi had organic apples this week - what??)

Anyways. I wish more of it were. But my first priority right now is a well stocked stash of protein and produce and a little bit of dairy while keeping my expenses as low as possible. I'm making some less-than-ideal choices on food sources because of some choices we are making to put money elsewhere currently. I'm trying not to think about the factory farms that most of it came from. Don't get me wrong, I totally believe it is worth it to spend money on quality food from local and sustainable sources. But sometimes you gotta make choices. And, I just kind of want to prove to people that paleo still works when you don't or can't shop from premium selections (like this lady - if she can do it, anyone can!)

For some reason, I think people think they have to eat salads for lunch all of January when they are on a new health kick. But, if you are like me, salads don't really hold much appeal in cold weather. I like something warm to eat when the air is bitterly cold. Salads can be great and all, but don't let boredom with salads be the reason you fall off the wagon. If you want some warm, paleo/primal comfort food, make it! You can make a healthy, hearty, hot meal that is just as good for you as a salad.  Get lots of green veggies in there!

A good read on the habits of mentally strong people.

Some new recipes this week. The plan is to make really big dinners and have leftovers for lunch the next day. We'll see :)

eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes, spinach, hot sauce
bulletproof-style coffee

fruit: apples, bananas

School/after-school snacks:
raisins, blueberry applesauce, yogurt & fruit smoothies

Sunday - zucchini noodles with meat sauce
Monday - orange sesame chicken with broccoli
Tuesday - herbed turkey meatballs (will share the recipe if it is a success), broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix
Wednesday - beef stroganoff (ahhh, I forgot to get mushrooms!) over mashed cauliflower, peas
Thursday - hamburger pizza from Primal Cravings  (affiliate link for my favorite cookbook)
Friday - red pesto chicken, roasted green beans
Saturday - salmon cakes (sub or omit breadcrumbs & flour), sweet potatoes, broccoli

Sometimes frozen vegetables come in the "microwave-able" bags, but I don't cook food in plastic bags. I remove them before cooking (roasting, steaming, sautéing, etc.)

What are you eating this week??

(As always, sharing my menu ideas here!)


  1. Can I eat at your house this week? Menu looks yummy! :-)

  2. Hi I just found you blog, Love it btw I am new to Paleo and am searching out all I can! I love ALDI and bargain shopping, so I am glad to hear that you still shop there. I also wanted to add our ALDI here in Alabama just started adding a lot of organic canned items and olive oil (and other things) and in the ad last week they had 1lb packages of grass fed beef (if I remember correctly if was about $5, and I have no idea how good a deal that is though). I thought I would share if it is not in your stores I am sure it will be soon!

    Oh and thanks for the coffee creamer recipe I hope to make that soon and try. I have been dying without my coffee! =)

    1. Cool, thanks! Our Aldi carries organic items in phases it seems. Last time they had grassed beef it sold out the first day and I didn't get any. But I'm going to keep my eyes open for the next time they have it and try to get some - it was the same price as yours and that is a good price!! I hope you like the creamer! If you eat butter, the bullet-proof style method is worth a try, too!

  3. " I totally believe it is worth it to spend money on quality food from local and sustainable sources. But sometimes you gotta make choices." ahhhh yes... I hear ya. We are having to rethink some of our spending habits. Thanks for this post! I always love seeing what other people buy.

  4. As you know I am VERY new to this (as in, been attempting paleo for seven whole days) so bear with me... The sites I've been looking at say peas and green beans are no-nos, but I see they're both on your menu. Do you eat them often? What are your thoughts there? Also, do you ever eat any beans? Black beans and garbonzos are already being missed in our home, after only a week.

    1. Yay, Ali!! :) Sorry I'm just now getting back to you - long day yesterday… Green beans and peas are not paleo, technically, and I'd recommend not eating them when you start out for 30 days, then introduce them and see how you feel. Personally, I like green beans fine (and we eat them a lot as they are not super starchy) but peas and any other beans make me feel yucky and gassy. My husband and kids like them, though, and since they don't have big fat loss goals or anything, I figure some extra starchiness is not going to hinder them, so I stick peas in there now and then. I know this is a big change for you and it was for me, too. I used to make my family eat black beans and such all the time calling them a superfood! :) But now, I have no desire for them. I see them (and other beans) as kind of middle of the road on the food spectrum. They are like poor man's protein. Meat and leafy greens are better for you, so strive for those, but if you have nothing else to eat, eat beans, you could do a lot worse.
      This is a pretty good synopsis -
      Also, I'm so excited to hear you are doing this. Hang in there, especially if you have what is known as the low-carb flu the first week or two… if you stick with it (and get back on the wagon asap if you fall off) you'll get to the other side and feel great!!

  5. Thanks Emily! I replied to this a couple days ago, but I guess it didn't work from my phone? Anyway, I appreciate the answers and support!


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