Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Menu

What's wrong with this picture? I swear I know how to set a table. I just seem to always have my fork on the right in photos, though, because I'm ready to eat. WTF <-- me
P.S. I did not make myself sick on berries. Those were for sharing.

better than oatmeal with berries
eggs, kale
coffee, cream

turkey, kale, sun dried tomato, & chipotle mayo (or yellow mustard) deli roll-ups
adults - dinner leftovers
kids - sun butter & fruit jam in corn tortillas
carrots & sour cream ranch dip
dill pickles
olives (my kids requested olives… hmm, wonder if they'll eat them)

Kids' snacks (at home):
limonada de coco homemade popsicles (I love this stuff so why not freeze into popsicles? Oh wait, I said these are for the kids. Right.)

Monday - roasted chicken thighs, broccoli
Tuesday - hamburger and caramelized onion salad
Wednesday - crunchy fish, roasted green beans
Thursday - grilled sausages, sweet potatoes, broccoli
Friday - tacos/taco salad

On summer camp days, my kids receive a morning and afternoon snack. And it is usually fruit (can't complain - I don't have to send separate snacks - woohoo). So, since they often have some fruit with breakfast (because it is easy and a bribe to eat their eggs or protein) and then twice during the day at snack, I don't always include it in their lunch. Just an FYI :)

Tip #1: If you love avocados, get this cookbook.
Tip #2: Don't look at it when you are hungry.

That is all. I'm caught up on my sleep deficit. Goal for this week: keep it that way. Have a fabulous Sunday!

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  1. Hello there,
    So I am really really struggling today and just want to buy a box of oreos and chocolate lava cake. Do you have a go-to recipe during times like these? I LOVE the primal fudge you have posted but just not feeling it today. Do you have any tried and true suggestions? There are so many nasty, dry paleo treats out there...

    1. I feel ya! Hmm. These can hit the spot:
      I also make the brownies from the Primal Cravings cookbook which I love. They contain sugar and sometimes I lessen it and they are still good. I prefer to under bake them. That's probably my go-to recipe because it makes just a square pan so my whole family gets some and none of us can overeat too many.

  2. I love eggs with greens. I always save leftover greens from dinner to put in my eggs.


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